Collegiate Conflict at Maharaja’s | 21 Students Face Disciplinary Measures

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Disciplinary Actions Lead to Suspension of 21 Students in Ernakulam’s Maharaja’s College

News from the source of Reader Wall reports a series of student clashes in Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam, prompting disciplinary actions. Twenty-one students have been suspended due to their involvement in these confrontations in the past two weeks.

Suspended Students and Organisations Involved

A total of 21 students are facing suspension, including 13 members from the Kerala Students’ Union (KSU) and the Fraternity Movement. Investigations by the college authorities have additionally led to the suspension of eight activists from the Students’ Federation of India (SFI). The college has restricted these individuals to entering the campus solely for delivering their statements before the probing panel.

The Triggering Incident

Reportedly, continuous tensions amongst these student bodies have escalated dramatically during the past weeks. An instance of violence triggered these suspensions when the SFI unit secretary, Abdul Nasar P.A., was allegedly assaulted by members of the Fraternity Movement on January 18 at midnight. The incident led to a temporary freeze of regular classes from January 19, which eventually resumed on January 24.

Steps Towards Peace

Following the unfortunate events, the college authorities have called all student organizations representatives for a meeting. They have mutually decided to accelerate efforts to reinstate a peaceful atmosphere across the campus. The decision to allow students and outsiders to stay on campus after 6 p.m. has been accepted by both the parent-teacher association (PTA) and the governing body.

Allegations by KSU

In response to the disciplinary actions, KSU has accused the college authorities of being biased towards SFI by disciplining a minimal number of its members involved in the altercations. KSU warned that they would initiate an agitation, urging stringent action against all the SFI members involved in the violent outbursts.

The Topic at Hand

Debates regarding universities and colleges’ politics, particularly in Kerala and Kochi, have been stirred up as a result of this incident.


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