CM Punk Backs Roxanne Perez Post-NXT Roadblock Incident; QT Marshall Discusses Punk’s AEW Exit

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Roadblock Fallout: CM Punk Supports Roxanne Perez; QT Marshall Talks About Punk’s AEW Exit

CM Punk Champions Roxanne Perez After NXT Confrontation; Former Pro-Wrestler Analyzes Punk’s AEW Departure

Following the recent NXT Roadblock event, former WWE and AEW star CM Punk showed public support for rising star Roxanne Perez. Perez was involved in a high-tension confrontation leading to a physical altercation with Lyra Valkyria during NXT Roadblock, leaving Valkyria incapacitated and escorted out on a stretcher due to a severe arm injury. Sources from The Reader Wall confirm the incident.

Highlights from NXT Roadblock Event

A standout match from the event featured Asuka and Lyra Valkyria taking on Tatum Paxley and Kairi Sane. Strong performance was showcased from Valkyria and Paxley, exhibiting skills that exemplify their roles as burgeoning wrestling stars. However, the victory finally belonged to Sane who successfully executed a slashing elbow strike, ensuring the win for her team.

Insight on Punk’s AEW Departure and Possible WWE Return

Adding to the wrestling chatter, QT Marshall, who has substantial experience both as a professional wrestler and as an insider in the wrestling industry, shared his thoughts on Punk’s departure from AEW during an exclusive conversation with our correspondent. Marshall emphasized how AEW helped Punk regain his confidence and speculated on the latter’s possible return to WWE, despite being involved in previous controversies.

  • Marshall drew parallels between Punk’s situation and the departure of Cody from WWE, crediting both wrestlers for their professionalism even during challenging times.
  • Furthermore, he also expressed interest in how WWE would strategize around Punk’s potential return.
  • In summary, the wrestling world continues to keep fans and insiders intrigued with continuous developments and speculations, providing endless entertainment and conversation.Starting from an eventful NXT Roadblock, to Punk’s strong support for Perez and speculation on his possible return to WWE, the wrestling scene continues to witness a wave of exciting and unexpected events.


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