Canada collaborating with India despite Nijjar death concerns: PM Trudeau’s assistant

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India and Canada Resume Cooperation Following Tensions Over Assassination Case

Amid escalated tensions over the assassination of a Sikh separatist leader, Canada and India are mending ties, according to information from a prominent Canadian official through our source Reader Wall. The situation created a rift between the two nations last year when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau publicly announced investigations into allegations linked to Indian agents contributing to the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar in 2023. The victim, an inhabitant of British Columbia was a Canadian citizen. Indian authorities have consistently rebutted any accusations linking their formal government operatives to this incident.

Improved Cooperation Between Nations

Contrary to skepticism about India’s cooperation, important strides have been made towards improving relations according to Jody Thomas, National Security Advisor to Trudeau. The latest information from Washington D.C. has emboldened Canada’s position, and patently claims that they had preempted an assassination plot targeting a Sikh separatist within the U.S.

“Thanks to the recently disclosed information from the Americans, I can confidently say that they’ve backed us up in our argument with India. Consequently, we’re receiving a lot more cooperation from India in resolution efforts,” Thomas informed Reader Wall. Back in December, Prime Minister Trudeau acknowledged a palpable shift in India’s attitude toward Ottawa, citing the U.S. case as a turning point.

Residual Repercussions of the Situation

In spite of this advancement, the diplomatic fallout has stalled negotiations for a free trade agreement while also hindering Canada’s endeavors to heighten its prominence in the Indo-Pacific region. With India’s critical role in hindering the steady rise of China in the region, Canadian officials are optimistic about restoring their relationship with New Delhi.

“Our functionality in the Indo-Pacific largely depends on having a solid rapport with India. As such, we are making significant strides in restoring our relationship,” stated Thomas. It’s worth noting that a demographic of approximately 2 million Canadians (about 5% of the population) have Indian ancestry.

In retaliation to Trudeau’s claims last year, New Delhi demanded a reduction in Canada’s diplomatic presence in India, prompting the withdrawal of 41 diplomats from the country. The complexity of the situation serves as another testament to the intricate and delicate nature of international diplomacy.

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