Bhopal Struggles with Public Health Emergency as Stray Dog Cases Ascend

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Surge in Stray Dog Incidents in Bhopal, India

The capital city of Madhya Pradesh, India, Bhopal, is currently facing a serious issue related to stray dogs. In a single day, an alarming number of 40 people were attacked by stray dogs, pushing them to immediately rush for rabies shots. The seriousness of the situation is already highlighted by the large number of similar incidents reported earlier this month.

Devastating Incident

The problem escalated on January 10th, when a seven-month-old child was sadly attacked by dogs. This tragic event led to the intervention of Chief Minister Mohan Yadav, who is now seeking public opinion on the issue.

Bhopal Municipal Corporation Steps In

The Bhopal Municipal Corporation has taken steps to deal with this spiraling issue and started an aggressive campaign to snatch and neuter stray dogs. A meeting was held involving Mayor Malti Rai, Corporation Commissioner Noble Frank, and other officials to discuss the situation. During this meeting, they revealed about 30 dogs are neutered every day at the Animal Birth Control (ABC) centers located in various parts of the city.

Mayor’s Message to Pet Owners

The city’s Mayor Malti Rai has issued a strong appeal to pet owners. She asked them to keep their pets indoors or in cages to prevent more incidents. She also warned that those obstructing the efforts of the municipal corporation could face serious repercussions.

Meanwhile, a woman from Bhopal’s BHEL area lodged a complaint against an illegal dog shelter in her neighborhood. The shelter, managed by women, allegedly houses between 15 to 20 stray dogs that have chased and bitten local residents, causing panic in the community. Despite complaints lodged with the local authorities, no action has been taken yet.

Giving the situation’s gravity, the Madhya Pradesh Commission for Protection of Child Rights has written to the Bhopal Municipal Corporation, urging them to create an effective plan to deal with the city-wide stray dog issue.


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