Aston Martin Unveils Thatched-Diamond Logo for Merchandise and Potential Car Designs

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Aston Martin Trademarks New Logo for Multi-Use

Aston Martin, the prestigious British car manufacturer, has recently taken steps to acquire a trademark for a new logo design. Initially identified for its use on low-key merchandise; the intention has now expanded to more significant aspects.

From Memorabilia to Significant Branding

The novel logo, which sports an innovative thatched-diamond design, was first thought to be used for small merchandise such as polo shirts and shaving kits. However, recent information from our source has unveiled that its application has broadened to include significant aspects like vehicle designs, automotive chassis, and even mobile devices. This suggests the possibility of the logo being featured on Aston Martin vehicles in the future.

Astute Observations Unveil Ties to Past

The recent development was first spotted by our expert auto enthusiasts. They noted that the new logo bears a striking resemblance to the company’s original emblem. This similarity places a strong suggestion that the design may have roots linked directly to Aston Martin’s rich heritage.

Initials Hidden in Plain Sight

Through a closer and more imaginative reading of the new logo’s design, one can notice the company’s initials, ‘A’ and ‘M’, being subtly inscribed into the logo. This feature further enhances its quasi-retro feel, given its ties to Aston Martin’s illustrious history.

Future of Aston Martin’s Branding

The recent trademarking of the new logo marks a potential shift in Aston Martin’s branding. Moving from simply adorning merchandise to becoming a possible feature on their world-renowned vehicles shows an exciting development for the iconic brand. As we continue to watch this space, we look forward to discovering how this new emblem will influence Aston Martin’s future designs and brand image.


  • Aston Martin might be exploring a modest but significant rebranding with their trademark application for a new, thatched-diamond logo.
  • Originally intended for minor merchandise, the logo’s use has expanded to cover mobile devices, automotive chassis, and vehicle designs, a significant leap in branding.
  • The new logo subtly incorporates the company’s initials and has striking resemblances to the original logo, hinting at Aston Martin’s rich heritage.
  • This development might signal a shift in Aston Martin’s branding strategy, making their logo more visible on their range of products and vehicles.
  • Future developments and impacts on Aston Martin’s brand are eagerly anticipated in light of this recent trademarking.
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