Arif Mohammad Khan, Kerala Governor, positions Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister, in a government-supported conspiracy to threaten him.

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Kerala Governor Alleges a Plot to Endanger Him

Mr Arif Mohammad Khan, the Governor of Kerala, on January 27, 2024, placed Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan at the heart of a purported state-supported scheme to physically harm him and induce a constitutional crisis, as per news from our source, Reader Wall.

Sit-In Demonstration Ended

Upon finishing his sit-in protest over a Students Federation of India (SFI) black flag demonstration at Nilamel in Kollam district, Mr Khan shared with reporters that the administration seemed to intend provoking him into taking drastic measures to conceal their shortcomings as a government.

Financial Crisis Accusations

He insisted that the government was trying to shirk its responsibility for the state’s self-imposed financial crisis. He stated that the government had acknowledged in the Kerala High Court that the treasury was depleted, leaving them strapped to fulfil their financial obligations, including those to retirees and numerous recipients of monthly social welfare distributions.

Engaging Goons Allegedly

According to Mr Khan, the government’s aim was to incite a constitutional crisis by using ‘goons’ to target the governor while restraining law enforcement. However, he vowed not to accommodate them.

No Protest Against Government or Party

Mr Khan refuted the suggestion that his roadside demonstration was a protest against a party or government. He questioned the need to protest when I would take direct action instead. His aim was to wait for the police to present him with a copy of the First Information Report, which he would then forward to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs.

Road Lawlessness

Mr Khan expressed that while he is not against black flag protests, the actions of the SFI activists forced him out of his vehicle. As the head of state, he rejected such lawless behaviour on the roads.

Police and SFI Accusations

Mr Khan levelled severe accusations against the police and SFI, claiming they had conspired to put the governor in danger. He further suggested that the police had facilitated the SFI activists’ presence at the protest site and assisted them following a token arrest.

Chief Minister’s Influence Over Police

Mr Khan claimed that the police were working under the Chief Minister’s directives. He alleged that the protestors received a daily wage for their illicit activities, encouraged by those in power.

SFI Left Student Organisation

Without specifically naming the SFI, Mr Khan stated that several members of the left student organisation were criminals, with the leader facing up to 40 criminal charges.

SFI’s Response

Mr Arsho, President of the SFI state, dismissed Mr Khan’s allegations as theatrics and pledged to continue their ethical and democratic fight against the Chancellor’s misdeeds. He reaffirmed SFI’s commitment to a democratic and peaceful struggle to uphold the autonomous and secular traditions of state-funded higher learning centres.

Reactions from General Education Minister

V. Sivankutty, the General Education Minister, stated that Mr Khan’s antics were inconsequential to the people and the government. He further said that they had tolerating his derogatory remarks against the Chief Minister and other cabinet members for a while. He criticised the governor’s undemocratic, autocratic, and vindictive conduct and reminded him that voters had elected the LDF for two consecutive terms.


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