Andy Cole Skips Haaland and Kane in Top Striker Picks, Shocks Fans with Favorites

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Andy Cole’s Top Three Strikers: A New Light on World’s Best Footballers

The former Premier League Golden Boot winner, Andy Cole, has announced his top three picks for the best strikers in the world. Notably, he has excluded some celebrated players from his list. Our sources reveal that the strikers in the mix are Robert Lewandowski of Barcelona, Karim Benzema from Al-Ittihad, and Al-Nassr’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Interestingly, this trio doesn’t contain England’s Harry Kane or Manchester City’s Erling Haaland, despite their current form.

Notable Omissions

It’s a bit unexpected not to see the names of Erling Haaland and Harry Kane on Cole’s list. Both have been among the top performers in their respective leagues, with Haaland topping the Premier League’s top scorers and Kane reigning atop the Bundesliga’s scoring list. Yet, in Andy Cole’s analysis, they have not made the cut.

Inclusion of Ronaldo, Benzema, and Lewandowski

Despite their current leagues, Cole’s picks include players who have taken their talents to the Saudi Pro League for a new challenge. Karim Benzema of Al-Ittihad and Cristiano Ronaldo of Al-Nassr have proven track records at the highest level in European football and are still showcasing their skills. Robert Lewandowski, currently with Barcelona but known for his fantastic stint at Bayern Munich, has also made the list.

An Interesting Perspective

Cole’s selection criteria for the best strikers have certainly opened up a new discussion. It appears that he values their overall track record, their impact on the game, and perhaps their ability to perform in different environments. Clearly, his choices push for a broader perspective in evaluating the world’s top strikers–one that detaches from current league standings and form.

  • Ex-Premier League player Andy Cole’s top picks for world’s best strikers.
  • The inclusion of Lewandowski, Benzema, and Ronaldo despite their current leagues.
  • Raises interesting discussions about the evaluation criteria of top strikers.

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