Andhra Pradesh: YSR sibling conflict intensifies before election period

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Intense Infighting: Feud Markedly Escalates in YSR Family

High-level disagreements amongst the YS Rajasekhar Reddy family, formerly the first family of Andhra Pradesh, have been brought to a head, with brother YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, the current Chief Minister, and sister YS Sharmila, state Congress president, throwing harsh words at each other. News comes from the source of Reader Wall.

Sharmila Asserts Her Heritage

Sharmila confidently stood before the Pradesh Congress Committee in Vijayawada last Friday, proclaiming herself to be the rightful heir to her father’s political legacy. “My lineage is that of a tiger and his tigress cub. YSR’s blood courses through my veins, and I am the embodiment of Sharmila Reddy, whether anyone accepts it or otherwise,” she confidently stated.

Family Divisions & Accusations

In the previous day, Jagan had alleged at a media conclave in Tirupati that the Congress was instigating their family dispute, a claim Sharmila refuted. “Jagan is the primary cause of the family rift,” she asserted. “He is the one who has single-handedly ruined our family and our state. What has happened is observed by God, by my mother, and our whole family.”

Past Promises Queried

Sharmila questioned Jagan’s sincerity regarding his earlier commitments to MLAs who crossed parties during the infancy of his party. “None of these men saw any ministerial positions in his tenure despite his promises,” she stated with disapproval.

Recalling her own personal efforts and sacrifices for Jagan’s cause, Sharmila stated, “Despite all the wrongs done to me by the post CM’s administration, my hope for AP improvement remained consistent.”

State of the State

Since taking up the mantle of APCC Chief, Sharmila has been articulate in her criticism of her brother’s administration claiming to have pushed the state into a dire financial situation, leading to salary delays and spikes in Dalit discrimination. With a pointed jibe, she commented, “Two governments and ten years later, the Polavaram project is still incomplete.”

Countering the Claims

A quick retort from Jagan followed Sharmila’s attack, suggesting external forces at work. “Like star lighting, politicians from other parties rush to aid the rival TDP, coupled with personal attacks against himself,” he countered during a rally in Anantapur’s Uravakonda district.

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