Alliance University’s AI & Society Confest 2024: Bridging Tech, Culture, and Arts

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Alliance University Organizes AI & Society Confest 2024

One of the prominent educational institutions in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Alliance University, recently hosted a significant event, AI & Society Confest 2024. The conference shed light on the dramatic influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on diverse facets of society.

Confluence of Academic Scholars and Industry Veterans at the Event

The three-day conference scheduled from March 1-3, brought together prominent academics, renowned industry professionals, and skilled artists. The event was staged at not one, but two esteemed venues – the Anekal campus of Alliance University and the historic Bangalore International Centre.

Prominent Highlights of the AI & Society Confest 2024

Meticulously designed installations crafted by the talented students of the Alliance School of Design & Creative Arts were a significant draw at the event. Also, gracing the occasion was the highly respected Dr. Michiel Baas from the Max Planck Institute, who delivered a keynote enlightening those present on the holistic impacts of AI.

A Glimpse into the Conference Agenda

  • Panel Discussions: The conference orchestral a series of panel discussions spotlighting diverse aspects of AI. Topics traversed a broad spectrum – evangelizing AI, implementing governance protocols surrounding its application, and its profound implications in the realms of media, mental health, and cultural expression.
  • Art Exhibition: Adding the elements of creativity, the event even witnessed an art exhibition exclusively dedicated to AI. This thoroughly-specified showcase was a testament to the convergence of AI methodologies with art forms.
  • Performances: The conference concluded with an assortment of performances that underscored the interconnectivity of AI with varying domains of societal importance.

Alliance University: Pioneering the Blend of Academia and AI

Ever since Alliance University’s establishment in 2010, accredited by the UGC, it has consistently strived to integrate AI across numerous academic disciplines. It continues to nurture the spirit of interdisciplinary exploration among students and faculty members, in the hope of creating a robust academic framework that promotes innovation in AI and cultural arts. The AI & Society Confest 2024 is a testament to Alliance University’s commitment to this innovative fusion.

Elijah Muhammad