Abuakwa North’s Progress: MCE Bodinga Dismisses NDC’s Project Abandonment Claims

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Eastern Region’s Chief Executive Refutes Claims of Project Abandonment

Addressing what has been a key concern in Abuakwa North in the Eastern Region, the Municipal Chief Executive, Alhaji Umar Bodinga, fervently denied allegations of project abandonment by the National Democratic Congress (NDC). Bodinga confirmed that, contrary to these claims, construction work remains in full swing. He shared this information with our sources following an on-site tour where the ongoing work was displayed.

Ongoing Work

Bodinga explained the progress on two primary inner roads; Kukurantumi to Tafo and Kukurantumi to Asafo. Together with the contractor involved, Bodinga was able to demonstrate that work is continuous and far from being abandoned as claimed by the NDC. He denounced the NDC’s claims as misleading, reaffirming his government’s dedication to completing these vital construction projects. He added that there are plans to complete the asphalt coating of the roads by December this year.

Addition of 15 Streets with Drainage Systems

Besides refuting claims of abandonment, Bodinga brought attention to the construction of 15 new streets all complete with drainage systems. Further plans include making significant improvements to a key road that leads to the main thoroughfare. Both residents and businesses in the locality have responded positively, eagerly waiting for the resulting impact on infrastructure and accessability.

Contractor’s Comments and Future Commitments

Backing Bodinga’s assertion, the contractor also confirmed their continued presence and active work on the site, against the rumours of project abandonment. Bodinga used this opportunity to reassure residents of the Akufo Addo-led administration’s commitment and focus on the enhancement of roads and overall community improvement in Abuakwa North. He concluded with an open invitation to anyone interested in seeing the progress of the ongoing work first-hand.

  • Claims of project abandonment by NDC refuted by Bodinga
  • Bodinga confirmed work is ongoing on key inner roads
  • Promise to complete asphalt coating of roads by year end
  • Announcement of construction of 15 new streets with drainage systems
  • Local residents and businesses supportive and excited for positive impacts
  • Contractor supports Bodinga’s argument, confirming continuous work on site
  • Assurance of Akufo Addo-led administration’s commitment to community development

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